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                    1. The market is your classroom, the world is your playground. ​

                      Advanced Diploma Programmes

                      The Advanced Diploma programmes equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to be an effective professional in your chosen field. Part-time and full-time courses are available.

                      Programme Enquiry

                      By submitting your personal information above, you have given your consent for a 九游会网址 Institute representative to contact you on offers, promotions and information for 九游会网址 Institute programmes.

                      Ms. Yen Ong
                      CEO, 九游会网址 Institute

                      Yen has a proven track record in various key business development & marketing roles involving evolution and change management. Her pilot roles in various media organisations of Cable TV (Singapore Cable Vision), Regional TV (MTV), Internet Advertising (China.com) and Digital Music (Soundbuzz & Motorola) at their nascent stages is a testimonial of her experience and expertise of driving businesses whilst embracing new technology. Her acumen and passion are evidenced in multiple “first to market” products and projects she has been involved in cutting across from media to digital products. Always pushing the concept of creative solutionism while building strong relationships with customers has translated to dynamic growth for the various companies. Being an ardent believer in change management to stay on top of ever changing economies, her current role as Chief Executive Officer of 九游会网址 Institute sees interesting forays leveraged on her experience.

                      TRAINING ROOM Enquiry

                      We will keep in touch with you soon after submitting the below form. 

                      By submitting your personal information above, you have given your consent for a 九游会网址 Institute representative to contact you on offers, promotions and information for 九游会网址 Institute training room rental. 

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