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          Established in 2003, 九游会网址 Institute (九游会网址I) has gained significant recognition as an Institute that truly cares about our students’ education. We aim to equip students with the most relevant knowledge, applicable skills and the right attitude to help each student to achieve their highest potential. 九游会网址I has strived to create an environment that encourages our students to be critical thinkers, innovative problem solvers and implementers of robust ideas by riding on the next wave of future business trends and technological developments. Our list of successful alumni is a proven testimonial to our Institute’s reputation.九游会网址I students not only have access to a modern, state-of-the-art city campus and its services and amenities, they are also exposed to an exciting academic curriculum, which is relevant in today’s professional environment and designed to ensure that they are ready to excel in the workforce upon graduation.As an education provider, we have pioneered the concept of an education ecosystem, where both life-skills and academic knowledge play equally important roles so that our students can create a positive impact in the commercial world and in their communities. We have also included mentorship and facilitation as key components of student engagement with interactive-participative learning to encourage innovative design-thinking outcomes. We believe that each of our students is a leader. Our leadership enrichment programmes are integral to the learning environment. Our student council activities are very successful and provide each student with the opportunity to lead.九游会网址I believes strongly in encouraging entrepreneurship and provides entrepreneurial platforms for all our students (and alumni) to incubate business ideas. Should our students wish to challenge themselves as entrepreneurs, we have a business start-up ecosystem to expose our students to networking opportunities, co-office sharing spaces, business mentorships and potential investment initiatives in a regional context.
          We strive to groom a new generation of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who can excel in the fields they choose to immerse themselves in. Our market-based approach to business education transforms our students into confident, effective, respected business leaders equipped to analyse and solve real world business challenges. We bring the market to the classroom. 九游会网址I continues to expand our product offerings. We have partnered with quality universities such as the University of Greenwich, U.K. and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, U.S.A. We offer quality academic courses in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Management, Accounting and Finance, Tourism and Hospitality, Aeronautics and Aviation. We also have many short Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses that our students can take to further enhance their professional value and work towards life-long learning. We have taken a revolutionary spirit towards learning in business education and we are always looking to encourage each other to pursue unconventional lines of thinking in order to help our students create a positive future. We are constantly improving our teaching methodologies, service standards and curriculum design to offer value innovations for our students, regardless of nationality and cultural differences.
          We invite you to study with us and experience the real difference and value that 九游会网址 Institute offers.

          Ms. Yen Ong
          CEO, 九游会网址 Institute

          Yen has a proven track record in various key business development & marketing roles involving evolution and change management. Her pilot roles in various media organisations of Cable TV (Singapore Cable Vision), Regional TV (MTV), Internet Advertising (China.com) and Digital Music (Soundbuzz & Motorola) at their nascent stages is a testimonial of her experience and expertise of driving businesses whilst embracing new technology. Her acumen and passion are evidenced in multiple “first to market” products and projects she has been involved in cutting across from media to digital products. Always pushing the concept of creative solutionism while building strong relationships with customers has translated to dynamic growth for the various companies. Being an ardent believer in change management to stay on top of ever changing economies, her current role as Chief Executive Officer of 九游会网址 Institute sees interesting forays leveraged on her experience.

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